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I grew up around some trap spots
Its Chicago nigga
You call me..make sure they doin em
I grew up around some trap spots
Coming in, make sure they doing us rock
this my spark, chat her up and get shot,
them fens cop was money when Im doing..
stole top, two words cook them one pot
red dots, 30 shots and black blocks
the hood hot, in myspot to a new spot
same block its the thrill put a cash pot
I got it late night after
I grew up around some trap spots
early mornings, late nights with it
play this sleep I had to fight with it,
any trap I had mice in it, in the plugs steady price shiffin
in the kitchen right wippin, f*ck it was the right..
old team hands on, yeah we love cake
cant seat around and wait so we paper chase,
Wasnt never givin shit so we trapped the mate,
and sister aint giving yeah we quick the tape,
taking trips over ease, means body lick
I give me cash, she give me bags, then I split our wings,
trap spot shit, bitch Im in the traffic day
Im in the hood cash butt just to block away
stay strap you battle click safe,
..the money with my life so Im shooting if you try to..
traps spot shit, bitch Im in the traffic daysm
I bout the money with my life, Im shooting and trying to..
Real street nigga, I was born in the trap spot,
mix and go, bag and rocks in the traffic spot,
you dont got the glock so, we dont keep this door lock
gotta watch this faces, some of these niggas be cops,
trapped about work, but really taking snap shots
thats why I keep the mass go, when Im in the trap spot,
try to rob me and Im giving out face shots
my tracks still open, even when the jades hot,
couple my switch house is on do the same spot,
He knew as cooking dope, damn in the same pot,
..of the mud, holiday if youre trapping hard,
gotta be smart and you gotta have heart,
keep a good when is dark, run upon me let the sparks
see this trap life shit, may you bout to be a fellon
you aint talking money you cant fit up in my schedule,
Ill let my money talk, but you put this pistol to your..
I grew up in the trap house, one stove four pots
cook the whole thing, until the turn rock,
so I prefer in the micro way, I prefer a pot
how bout the whole brick nigga, I prefer a lot
three hundred is a tame bitch, and we run the blocks,
we dont run up in the spots, let down Ill take the blocks
Im doing ..till I drop, count guap till I..
from your bitch I wont top, right around falling drops bitch
catch me if you can, took with me you get shot,
you know play youll get popped, Im out here on the block,
nigga lying man they not, I can trust em swear they caught
snitch on me, you get shut, man down f*ck the ups,
three hundred is the mob, and reaching up some stars,
three hundred all block, will be trapping non-stop.
if were getting round the glock, will be all on the block
and ..and the ally, tryin to get it round the clock.
I just swim out from my command,
caught a millie out from his neck,
flexin like you want a lot of reject,
bitch dont give me respect,
seven thirty my way will get protect
kill them nigga for nothing but the set
knew I fight cat, 2012 pet, exotic pet
red bone wife, red bottoms and all that
whats next, kill the many van, all black,
now whats up? Make sure we all strapped,
now we ..the limp, lights out savage you bout around
cause when we come to surveillance you a champ,
we gonna have to vamp,
saucer say he got one hell of a camp
you give me your molly, a blunt and Im out
8 balls going for o1-50, straight rock, come f*ck me,
I spit super dirty doing for 1-6
big gun with me, cause I aint going back.
I got a 40 escale if eyes if you cry.

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