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Ayah Marar

Stone Cold Heart

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[Verse 1]
The blackest eyes
Through keyhole spies
Never alone
That’s no surprise
Won’t hold my hand
Although you try
Say what you mean
But do you mean what you say?

I don’t know why you keep me there
I don’t know why you fill my glass
You know that I’m a sucker for

Stone cold heart
Stone cold heart
The will is strong
And the knife is sharp
But it won’t cut through your
Stone cold heart

[Verse 2]
The deepest sighs
Through fits of lies
That breath you drew
Was your disguise
Was not enough
To tell you twice
Say what you mean
But do you mean what you say?



[Middle 8]
I fear it’s too late
This place isn’t safe
I’ll just have to learn from my mistakes
Back to the start
Alone in the dark
How will i live without your
Stone cold heart


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