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This n That (Feat. French Montana)

Ace Hood

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(It could be a better world)
(If it wasn’t for this)
(And wasn’t for that)
If it wasn’t for this it wouldn’t be that
You heard?

[Hook: French Montana]
Bad bitches, top down
Foreign cars, poppin’ bottles
And niggas broker than my pride
We givin’ niggas what they want
Dirty money we’ll be spendin’
Came from the bottom, now all my niggas winnin’
Pull up in that drop, niggas get offended
Hundred on the watch, I’m shinin’ every minute

[Verse 1: Ace Hood]
Yeah – I remember nights on those porches,
I’m dreamin’ Porsches and Benzes
Drinkin’ Hennessey plottin’ on other ways I could win
Back in the day I was troubled when knickerbockers was in
Mama off in the kitchen cookin’ my favourite again
Had my sights on a million, most my niggas was dealin’
Stashin’ that work in them Civics, runnin’ that board like the inning
Hoppin’ up in that new Chevy, that bitch was too pussy tinted
Heard them jack boys are lurkin’, bet I’ll be one of the victims
A cold world, a cold world
Tryin’ to make a dollar for my daughter and my ol’ girl
Gotta make a way, I’m chasin’ paper, Maybach chauffeur
If you don’t grind then you don’t shine, nigga, that’s word
Eh, that’s word – I say “hey young world, how you doin’ today?”
“You ever ran out of answers, all you could do is pray?”
She told me “baby, you’ll recover” what my granny would say
Don’t got no grudge with my daddy, a millionaire to this day
I taught myself how to be a man, ain’t no father to thank
I felt that nigga should be around just to show me the way
Just know he wasn’t, I was out here thuggin’,
Lookin’ at them dope boys stuntin’, fours on them Cutlass,
Pockets full of them hundreds, bitches love it, low-key in buckets
No kind of budget, screamin’ “fuck it” when you came from nothin’
Came from nothin’, word…
(If it wasn’t for this)
(And wasn’t for that)


[Verse 2: Ace Hood]
Okay I hustle, it’s off the muscle, this shit my religion
Youngin focused, I’m on it, and I wanted to seize every figure
Had to make our way out the struggle and sacrifice with decisions
Ridin’ low in the Taurus, I always prayed for the Bentley
Had a whole other mission, to get rich on you bitches
Tired of goin’ to the bank and they say my funds insufficient
Only one thing to do, I had to go out and get it
Always wanted to ball, I had to play my position
And I did just that, put on my city in fact
I kept a mil’ in my safe, and plus there’s 12 in the gat
200k for the whip, you see the 30-day tag?
I’m on a boat with some bitches, I give a fuck if you mad
We livin’ – straight out the gutter to makin’ millions
And I did it with real niggas
(If it wasn’t for this)
(And wasn’t for that)


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