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The Recipe (feat. Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q)

Ab-Soul & Jay Rock

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Smoking weed with you
Cause you taught me to

Fuck Black hippy nigga, I invented the recipe

[Verse 1: Ab-Soul]
It's a beautiful day I guess
For a bitch to roll with Ab-Soul I guess
Pretty Chick let me see them breast
E.T. OG from the weed clinic (Soulo)
Solo but I'm never alone (Thats Right)
I stay high and I'm powerful (Soulo)
Westside (easy call) I got three eyes man I see yall
All I do is kill shit ICU
Party with a few girls at USC
It's 82 degrees and my top off, and they top off
I'm getting topped off, Top Dawg
Women, weed, and weather what more can I say
To live and die in LA
Spend a week on Venice beach
I'm 2Pac and Biggie Smalls

[Verse 2: Schoolboy Q]
Every morning nigga I get blazed, aye
Women, weed, and weather nigga if you bored come and join the wave, aye
Girl what is your name cause I'm feeling your frame, can I see what you bout, uh
A little something in your rear, little something in your mouth, little something on your couch, uh
Know what I'm talking about, Bring the coffin out
Cause I killed it, I done drilled it
She said she like it from the back like a real bitch, uh
She swallowed my pride, I damn near cried
Yo I can't reply, she curled my toes and crossed my eyes
But when you got the recipe its no surprise
Bad hoes panties get left behind, I want your behind

You might catch me in Atlanta looking like a boss
New Orleans and then Miami, party in New York
Texas I be screwed up, Chi town I be really pimping
But nothing like my hometown I’m forever living
Women, weed and weather
(They come for) women, weed and weather
For the women, weed and weather
(From all around the world for the) women, weed and weather
Got that women, weed and weather
Don't it sound clever, come and play
What more can I say? Welcome to LA

[Verse 3: Kendrick Lamar]
My nigga said he wanna fly out to get him
Some, three W's only for a three day run, bitch
Take them motherfuckin' panties off, you ain't no.. nun, shit
I be living in the sky every time I ride by them hoes
Ribbon in the sky on the radio cause Stevie know I control
Let it breathe, I control, California living 'til I am old
You want to be one, to peak on the chart
So the peons can be gone and pee on their hearts
She in the coupe, she in the Neon cause she on the BS before we can start
Fuck with a nigga, ride with a nigga, let 'em know the priority order me
Hennessy and for my niggas OG Killa, call it Jason Voorhees
Boy he's on his job, boy he sure be having the marks on they mark
Pretty bitches and tire marks, let 'em inhale them pipe exhausts
Let 'em reveal how much it cost for this life controlling my vice
No way hell no, uh uh, if I’m wrong I don't wanna be right
We want to be one, to peak on the chart
So the peons can be gone and pee on their hearts
Women, weed, weather, it’s not my fault
That it's 82 degrees and my top peeled off


[Verse 4: Jay Rock]
Jay Rock got the recipe, Fly hoes wanna roll I guess (I guess)
Everybody know I got that Yola Ask Keisha she'll confess
I wake up then I bake up with a bad bitch she ain't got on no make up, uh
Medicated, please my nigga no telling where the high gonna take us, uh
Three w's, I'm at the w, She got double D's bout to bring trouble through
OG, Hennessy get their panties wet, I'm trying to dive in the swimming pool
Left stroke, right stroke, whats the best stroke
That stroke can smoke all down her throat
And we blows all kinds of dro
Cali got the best so act like you know, nigga


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