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A$AP Rocky

Light It Up (Freestyle)

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Life is what you make it
They say time is money
If that's the case
I don't got neither for your broke ass

[ASAP Rocky]
Life is such a dark image that I can't dream
I used to give these hard visions, in my near teens
Yea I'm getting dirty money, but my hands clean
Making money stretch, Ben Frank pull a ham string
Another get rich quick hair brain scheme
Just so we can shine like sterling
Time goes on, consider me the new guy
Walking in the office, brief case and a new tie
Rocky is the flyest on the banner when I cruise by
(How fly is he) The motherfucker too fly
Shit change mane, act yo age not your shoe size
Last of the dying breed, the game got her tubes tied
Niggas selling true lies, I'm all about the mula
Stressful, so every now and then I gotta woo sah
Bout to turn it up, see I'm hot as fuckin' July
Smooth suede shoes, I'm Busta Rhymes yelling "Woo Hah!!!"!
Snacks on the menu, it's best we continue
ASAP turn up events in the venue
And these fucking critics do their best to offend you
They don't care about your dress, and your veteran credentials
Motherfuck em' all, motherfuck em' all
We only shop boutiques, like motherfuck a mall
And I'm bright as stars, fresh as death in these McQueens
My outfit is deceased, Alexander rest in peace and I'm Gone

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