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Can I Speak To You

50 Cent

ouvir : conectando
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it’s hot as a motherfucker out here
summer heat, hot murder plots
niggas getting shot
chrome rims for 6’s, one wheel, one…

throw it up, one hand wave back at the bitches
i’m silent, right before i snap, i’m violent
i calm myself through tussle,
i’m the boss and the muscle
boy i feed your ass brass knuckles
a nigga come creeping through the fog
if you scared, get a dog
get a male, cause the bitch will get you both in the mall
now pick the punch lines,
i’m punching these are the knockout flows
i’m cyber pimping, i’m so new wave, i got sci-fi hoes
this is next level mac shit, that’s why my money stack quick
12 v’s v 12’s, half of them triple black bitch
lust, … and greed, jealousy envy me
your pride’s blurring your vision
see i’m where i’m supposed to be
on top of the underground, still greedy
still running cities, still andre and fitty
fuck with me, i’m a usual suspect when it’s a hit
turn up the volume you hear my voice, yeah that’s the shit

pardon me please, may i speak to you?
yeah can i speak to you
i feel this is something i’m compelled to do
niggas talk that shit when i ain’t around
but when i come, you can hear crickets
they don’t say a motherfucking thing

pistols and bad bitches, hustler and bad bindess
rapping was just a hobby, that hobby turned to a million
had that oxy for sale, you can get it 50 a pair
you sniff it all let it grill, wrapped before, you know the drill
money, power and drugs, my only reason to love
never played cops and robbers nigga
we played cribs and bloods
like who the pimp saying who the sluts
between… slut’s purses
god please forgive me but it’s still was worth it
man i swear i needed some change, chains
golden rings and things
niggas watch videos and think them dudes that rap the hardest
for real, … make you a target
into the pigs, or i’ma get you while you playing boy
hunt you like an animal, strap with a bean that’s…
50 told me ambition wins when you’re telling they working
i say i’d rather relax, than be in that… and put in that working

pardon me please, may i speak to you?
you see that? that’s what i’m talking bout
i like that
i feel this is something i’m compelled to do
first name school, second name boy q
oh, don’t get it fucked up

floss if you want to, i seen you home broke nigga
it ain’t a secret i get money you’s a joke nigga
make what you make in like 2 years less than a month nigga
… to south side, but we up nigga, oh yeah
don’t f-ck around and make a trillion.

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