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Erick Sermon]
Yo, what's up PMD?
Ayo coolin man, done with this album, about to take it up to Leon
Wills, see what they say.
[E] Hold up man, we ain't bringing nothing up until I diss this girl, man.
[P] Aw, you ain't going to go into that Jane thing again?
[E] You know I had to diss her! I told her don't mess with me, you know?
[P] But why you gotta be bothering with that skeezer? That was way back
in 1986!
[E] Let me tell you how it went anyway
[E] Hanging out late drinking a couple of brews
[P] Turn on the radio put the shit on snooze
[E] So when it's time to get up, the radio comes on
[P] Blasting in my ear with the hip-hop song
[E] Five minutes later I hear someone knocking
[P] Yo outside yo, my stereo's rocking
[E] Saying in my mind ";Who can it be?";
[P] It was me, the P double E M D
[E] I said yo
[P] I said yo
[E] What's up trooper? I have a girl and she wants me to duke her
[P] Why didn't you?
[E] I woulda have been, only thing she brung along a friend
So PMD (Yo?) Why don't you do me a favor?
Chill with the bitch and I'll hook you up later
She's fly, haircut like Anita Baker
[P] Looked up and down and said ";Hmm, I'll take her";
She came in, I said ";Hi my name is P";
She said ";Hello my name is J-A-N-E";
I said ";Jane, oh, what a nice name";
It reminds me of a high school flame
[E] She came behind me and then she rubbed my back
She started moaning and said ";Yo, let's hit the sack";
Went to my room because she was kinda bossy
Girl broke buckwild
[P] And started playing horsey
[E] She showed pain but inside she felt joy
[P] Ayo she broke wild and said ";Ride em cowboy!";
[E] Three o'clock on the dot
[P] Tired of busting her
[E] Woke up in the morning to my record ";You're a Customer";
She left me a note, she called me the medicine
Said next time you have to be better
[P] Bigger
[E] Stronger and much faster
[P] And you don't quit, EPMD rock double
[E] To the funky shit!

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