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Todas as músicas de Yellowman
...Did A Hurt Me
A Man You Want
Another Saturday Night
Anything Me Say
Bad Boy
Beat It
Bedroom Mazuka
Better Than Them
Big Dick
Bim And Bam
Blow Saxophone
Blueberry Hill
Body Move
Bunn The Kootchie
Can't Wine
Cocky Did Hurt Me
Coh We-Sea Cruise
Cry Help
Cuss Cuss
Disco Reggae
Don't Burn It Down
Duppy Or Gunman
Eventide Fire
Everybody Bawling
Galong Galong Galong
Go Go Bell
Good Loving
Hardcore Lover
Herbman Smuggling
Hill And Gully Rider
Hit The Road Jack
How You Keep a Dance
I Love The Girls
I'm Getting Divorced
I'm Getting Married
If You Should Lose Me-You'Ll Lose a Goodthing
Jamaica a Little Miami
Jamaica Nice -Take Me Home Country Roads
Jean a Miss Follow Fashion
King Of The Crop
Letter To Rosey
Lost Mi Love
Mad Over Me
Matie Vex
Mi Believe-Summer Holiday
Mi Hot
Mister Chin
Money Make Friend
Morning Ride
Moving On-Keep On Moving
Mr Big Shot
Mr Chin
Nah Pay No Tax
Never Gonna Let You Go
Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt
One Hundred Sexy Girls
Operation Radication
Out Of Hand
Pretty Girl
Ram Jam Master
Red Light District
Reggae Calypso
Reggae Gets The Grammy
Reggae On Top
Roots Rap Reggae
Rub And Go Down
Skank Quadrille
Society Party
Soldier Take Over
Step Up In Life
Still Be A Lady-Girls Can'T Do What The Guys Do
Strictly Bubbling
Strictly Mi Belly
Strong Me Strong
Thank Unu
Throw Mi Corn
Ting a Ling
Tonight You Die
Too Greedy
Two To Six Super Mix
Under Mi Fat Thing
Walking Jewelry Store
Want You Body
Watch Your Words
Wha Dat
Who Can Make The Dance Ram
Who Say Yellow Don't Go Hotel
Why You So Bad
Wine Wine
Wreck a Pum Pum
Wrong Girl To Play With
Yellowman a The Lover Boy
Yellowman Getting Married
You'll Lose a Good Thing
Young Girl Be Wise
Zunga Zeng