A smoky room, a small caffe
They come to hear you play
And drink and dance the night away
I sit out in the crowd
And close my eyes
Dream you're mine
But you don't know
You don't even know that I am there

I wish that I was in your arms
Like that Spanish guitar
And you would play me through the night
'Til the dawn
I wish you hold me in your arms
Like that Spanish guitar
All night long, all night long
I'm be your song, I'd be your song

Steal my heart with every note you play
I pray you'll look my way
And hold me to your heart someday
I hope to be the one that you caress with tenderness
And you don't know
You don't even know that I exist


Te sientas entre la gente
Cierras tu ojos
Y sueñas que soy tuyo
Pero yo no se ni siquiera que estas ahi
Me gustaria tenerte en mis brazos amor

I sit out in the crowd
And close my eyes
Dream you're mine
And you don't know
You don't even know that I exist


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