Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

[Verse 1]
Why did he plot, my fifty cup,
my city hot I'm dodgin the city cop
I play em' like pitty pat (shh)I'm kickin back (yeah)
I'm gettin stacks, these bitches is really rats
I fuck em and give em back (yeah) I really mack (yeah)
how real is that, you love him, you really wack
I hustle and bend my back
My muscle is in tact
My biceps and triceps is AYYYE YESSS

Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

[Verse 2]
I Come at You (shh), it's somethin new,
the color is smurf blue, I'm puffin that purple,
believe it if I talk it I walk it like Hershel
I get it like it is on the commercial
Verse 2,
this is Verse 2, it is worse too, I'll mirk you,
like I birth you
you niggas small bubbles, I'll burst you,
and spit you out and have your girlfriend slurp you
my jewelry earth blue, some say its earth green,
I'm like whateva my shit mean and obscene
now I been seen on alotta different scene,
that mean I got alotta different creme

Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya

[Verse 3]
I raise mo fire to the man up higher,
I lick a shot to let him know that im a rider (yeah)
my dreads hang to let him know that I'm a lion, represent the
jungle when the others just tryin,
I represent my mother like baby stop cryin,
I know my papa gone but guarantee to see her shinin (yeah), now you are
lookin at New Orleans finest, now you are being blinded,
by European diamond, and you were seein 2 or 3 times and,
got your vision all fucked up, now you
can't even find me, and I ain't even hidin naw,
I'm right here baby, she wanna walk witcha,
I'm like yea baby, party man with the shotty to his head
rock-a-by his ass to sleep, rock it lay him down to bed
I put you in my pocket, right next to the condoms homie,
you ain't nuthin but a prop fish..

Mo Fi-ya Weezy, Mo Fi- ya.. Mo Fi-ya, I give her, Mo Fi-ya
Mo Fi-ya, Mo Fi-ya Weezy.. Mo Fi- ya, I giver her, ....

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