Make Your Engine Scream


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Under war spell living evil
Bleeding spirit in shadows hiding from hell
The world's a monster and time is stealing
Just like stone to the glass
the future's breaking the past

Down the winding road I burn desire and soul
I make my engine dream
Time to turn the wheel and leave the sorrow I feel
No other way I got to make my engine scream

Hey lonely driver the road is wicked
Did you open to fast and see that red light too late
Above the water you are still breathing
Crawling out of the pain you learn to master the game

Down the blinding road
burning your fire and soul
Making your engine dream
You have to turn the wheel
regain the power to heal
There's no way out come on
and make your engine scream

On this heavy road we got to carry the load
Strangers at the scene
Stormy winds of change
and we were never the same
Never gonna stop
we have to make our engine scream
Turning this old machine
Life of rock and roll aging our body and soul
We gotta stay young
so we can bring this engine home

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Make Your Engine Scream
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