I don't think you still love me
If you did you sure would let me in
Yes I don't believe you really love me baby
If you did you'd sure let me in
You know I'm out here in the cold and rain
And you got me locked outta my house again

Yeah I'm out here in the weather
Tryin' to get you to change your mind
Yeah you got me standin' out here in the weather, little girl
Tryin' to get you to change your mind
I'm bound to catch the flu or pneunomia
It's enough to make a grown man feel like cryin'

(I wish you'd let me in)


(Yeah it's cold out here)
(Yeah you got me standin' out here in the rain)

Yeah, one more time!

(Something must be wrong with this woman)
(Please let me in that door)
(Can I talk to this woman one time)

If you just let me come inside
I'll never treat you wrong no more
Oh, just let me come inside woman
I'll never treat you wrong no more
I promise you anything you want, little girl
Yeah if you just let me in that door


Yeah let me inside, woman...

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