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Bits And Pieces
músicas de Gregory Isaacs

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9 To 5
All I Have Is Love
All I Need Is You
Artical Don
Ba Da
Better Plant Some Loving
Big All Around (Feat. Dennis Brown)
Bits And Pieces
Break The Date
Break The Ice
Breaking Up
Can't Get You Off My Mind
Can't Make a Slip
Can't Stay Away
Caught You In a Lie
Close Friends
Closer Than a Brother
Come Right Back
Cool Down
Cool Down The Peace
Corn a Go Buss
Crazy Over You
Cutie Cutie
Dapper Slapper
Deal With Her Case
Do You Ever
Don Man Girl
Don't Call Me Baldhead
Don't Live Here Anymore
Don't Take Your Love
Express Love
Extra Ordinary Lover
Fall For You Again
False Evidence
Fatal Attraction
Feature Attraction
Feeling Irie
Fifteen Minutes Ago
Food, Clothes & Shelter
Footprints Across My Heart
Front Door
Get Ready
Give a Little Love
Goodbye Love
Got Me Waiting
Got To Be In Tune
Got To Make It Up
Hard Drugs
Hard Road To Travel
Hello Stranger
Hey Girl
Holding Me Captive
Hop Of Mi Fender (Jungle Remix)
Howdy Do
Hungry For Your Love
I Could Not Believe
I Do Love You
I Don'T Wanna See You Cry
I Fell In Love
I Miss You
I Was Lonely
If I Don't Have You
If You Should Lose Me
Innercity Lady
Intimate Potential
Is There a Thing Call Love
It Ain't Easy
It Happened By Chance
It's True
Jealousy (Feat. Jimmy Cliff)
John Public
Johnny Girl Friend
Johnny Gone
Just Because I'm Shy
Just Like a River
Keen Observation
Lady Of Your Calibre
Lead Me
Lead You To Land
Let Me Love You
Let Off Sup'm
Let's Dance
Let's Give It Ah Try
Let's Talk
Let's Talk About Love
Lonely Soldier
Lonely Street
Looking For a Love
Love And I Lost It
Love Is Overdue
Love Me Or Leave Me
Loving You Ain't Easy
Make Me Prosper
Make Sure
Me No In a Dat
Memories Of My Lover
Mind You Dis (Rude Boy)
Mind Yu Dis
More More More
Mr Know It All
Mr. Brown
Mr. Cop (Extended)
Mr. Music Man
Mr. Sweetness
Mr. Yesterday
My Apology
My Baby
My Love Alone
My Native Woman
My Number One
My Only Lover
My Religion
My Time
Na Lef The Dance
Nah Leave Mi Woman
Never Be Ungrateful
Night Nurse
No Have No Money
No Intention
No Rushing
Non Stop Loving
Not Because
Not Because I Smile
Off a Mi Fender
Oh What A Feeling
One Man Against The World
One More Chance
Only Yesterday
Opel Ride
Open Up
Pass The Test
Permanent Lover
Private And Confidential
Private Beach Party
Private Lesson
Private Secretary
Promise Is a Comfort
Ready Pass Freddie
Red Rose For Gregory
Remand Center
Report To Me
Rock On
Rough Neck
Rude Boy
Rude Boy Gone
Salve Master
Secret Love Affair
Set The Captives Free
Sing a Lullabye
Sister Love
Slapper Dapper
Slow Down
So Long Baby
Soon Forward
Special Guest
Special Someone
Special To Me
Spend The Night
Stamped And Approved
Stay At Home
Still Lingering On
Storybook Children
Street Walker
Sunday Morning
Surrender Your Love
Sweet Lady
Take a Dip
Teacher Inna Dis
Teacher's Plight
Tears Come Rolling Down
Tempermental Lover
Thank You
The Border
The Sun Shines For Me
The Tables Gonna Turn My Way
The Winner
There She's Gone
Time After Time
To Whom It May Concern
Too Good To Be True
Too Late To Cry
Top Ten
Tumblin' Tears
Tune In
Twelve Tribe Dance
Two To Make a Quarrell
Under the Sea
Wanted List
War Of The Stars
Welcome To My Room
What's The Matter
When Hungry Walks
Where Were You
Who's Gonna Pay
Why Keep Me Waiting
Will You Be Mine
Wish Me Luck
Wish You Were Mine
Would You Give It All Up
You Are My Woman
You Are The One For Me
You Keep Me Waiting
You Turn Me On
You Won't Regret It