Spider-Man 2 Main Title

Danny Elfman

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Spider-Man 2 Main Title
músicas de Danny Elfman

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Todas as músicas de Danny Elfman
"Humble" (Album Version)
"Radiant" (Album Version)
"Some Pig" (Album Version)
"Terrific" (Album Version)
A Con Job
A Phone Call/The Wrong Kiss/Peter's Birthday (Album Version)
A Serious Talk
A Strange World
A Threat
After Midnight
Alice's Farm
Ana and Christian (From The Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)
Ana and Christian (Heavy Mellow Remix (From Fifty Shades Of Grey Remixed))
Angry Arms/Rebuilding (Album Version)
Ape Suite #1 (Instrumental)
Ape Suite #2 (Instrumental)
Armageddon/A Really Big Web! (Album Version)
At Long Last, Love
Aunt May Packs
Bad Witch
Bedtime - The Preparation Montage
Big Fish (Titles)
Branding The Herd (Instrumental)
Call To Arms
China Town
Classroom ((alt. Version))
Dark Shadows - Prologue (Uncut)
Deep Space Launch (Instrumental)
Did That Hurt (From The Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack)
Doc Ock Is Born
Doc Ock Suite
Doc Ock's Machine (Album Version)
End Credits From Oz
End Titles
Epic Final Confrontation
Epic Finale
Escape From Ape City/The Legend (Instrumental)
False Start
Farewell (Album Version)
Farewell Charlotte (Album Version)
Fireside Dance
Fireworks - Witch Fight
Girl Meets Boy
Glinda Revealed
Going to Work
Goof Track
Great Expectations - The Apple
Happy Ending
He's Back!
In the House
In The Mud (Album Version)
In the Tub
Introducing Charlotte (Album Version)
Irving Montage
Jenny's Theme
Leaving Spectre
Lullaby/Escape (Album Version)
M.I.B. Closing Theme (Album Version)
M.I.B. Main Theme (Album Version)
M.J.'s New Life/Spidus Interruptus (Album Version)
Main Title (Album Version)
Main Title Deconstruction
Main Titles
Main Titles (Instrumental)
Many Leaves
Meet Dad
Meeting Finley
Meeting The Troops
Moonhaven Parade
Off to Egypt
Old Flames (Instrumental)
Oogie Boogie's Song
Oz Revealed
Oz The Great And Powerful
Preparing For Battle (Instrumental)
Return to Spectre
Rings of Knowledge
Roxie's Suite
Rule The Planet (Remix)
Running Off
Sandra's Farewell
Sandra's Theme
Shoe Stealing
Silver Lining Titles
Silver Lining Wild-Track
Spider-Man 2 Main Title
Spidey Suite (Album Version)
Taking Woodstock Titles
Tara's Chamber
Tara's Gift
Templeton (Album Version)
Thade Goes Ape (Instrumental)
The Bank/Saving May (Album Version)
The Battle Begins (Instrumental)
The Big Day (Album Version)
The Book
The Bribe
The Bubble Voyage
The Dirty Deed (Instrumental)
The Dump (Album Version)
The Emerald Palace
The End? (Uncut)
The Fall Montage (Album Version)
The Goblin Returns (Album Version)
The Growing Montage
The Hunt (Instrumental)
The Introduction (Album Version)
The Journey Home
The Little Things
The Meeting
The Milk Carton Kids - Snake Eyes
The Mugging/Peter's Turmoil (Album Version)
The Munchkin Welcome Song
The Petersons / The Wabac Machine
The Plan Begins (Album Version)
The Return (Instrumental)
The Selection
The Speech
The Word Spreads (Album Version)
Theodora's Entrance - A Puppet Wa
This Is Halloween
Time For Gifts
Time Lapse
Tiny Guitars
Train/Appreciation (Album Version)
Treasure Room - Monkey Business
Turn Around
Walking Home
Weepy Donuts
What Army
Where Am I - Schmooze-A-Witch
Widows' Hill - Finale
Wilbur's Homecoming
With A Beat