Now if you fall answer your call
Through rain or storm I'll keep you warm
Really a friend now untill the end now
Never let you down, down down...

Words can't express for you the vibes is excellent
I will be by your side to conquer all elements
Friends for life with or without a cent
Genuinely honest with a free conscience
Like Moony and cheeks straight up to ma' peeps
Hommie in the streets honk your horn up in a your jeeps
Good looking out last week it's so hard
To find genuine friends like these...

To trust and depend on rough and tough times
See you moving up the ladder help you to climb
Brighten up ma world just like the sunshine
Caring compassionate kind
Put my life up on the line I will do the time
Real true friend so hart to come by
Some won't be ever satisfied
And for monetary gain they lie...

Stepping through these jungle in the streets
Got to be careful predator hunting meat
I'll be a strong tower all fear must cease
Listen Buju Banton war is the least strive
And envy that cannot try to be friendly
Listen Buju di' Banton on rthythm timely
Hope you all can join me...

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Friends For Life
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