Girl, you are used like the glow of the sunrise.
But don't you look cute with that dress off?
My eyes were so consumed;
I must have been confused
Because I swore you were a vampire
When that light hit your disguise.
You bit my neck. I bit your thighs.
Let's start over.
I heard all about you last night
On the front page and the headlines.
There's this fire in her eyes
That my tongue can't deny.
Pull her dark hair aside;
Lay her on the mosaic tile.
Is there something wrong here?
Hell no. Just kick the door closed.
Blood lust begins;
Blood lust must end come daylight.
Just close your eyes, know that you can't let
That light inside.
My stomach is sick. I can't feel my legs.
And I've got a mouth full of fucking fangs.
A steamer trunk of things:
A photograph of you and me,
Locking lips, touching hips.
Who would have thought
It would come down to this?
Who the hell are we? A person, a place or a thing?
Well I don't know but I just hope
That I can hide inside this shadow.

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