Coming like a nightmare word like Iím gonna go for it
Fuckiní around what ya got to show for it?
Let it be know that Iím in the zone
And whatever I need I just pick up the phone
ícuz Iím true with it and youíre new with it
I just swing the thing and then Iím through with it
I donít need friends to act like foes
ícuz Iím nick hexum the one who knows
ícuz it takes two and we swings better than you
Then itís time for the dub so we roll out the club
And you know just what I do
Iím hitting in the freak mode
Puttiní on a load sippiní on a guinny
Then lo and behold una vision from bottom to top
And I just canít stop
311 show them the air is rarified
But you donít give a damn ícuz the groove is hellafied
Grew up punk, listen to funk
Iím a hyper type of fella that does not touch junk
Youíre the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack
Thatís what you get when youíre steady talkiní shit
Not goiní for self that shit is on the shelf
Itís 95 and we go for the hive

Listen up this youíre gonna bump to this
And if Iím feeliní mean Iím gonna clutch my fist
Now when I say mean, I mean Iím gonna rock it
Youíre gonna find out kid Iím bout to shock it
When Iím on Iím gone I hear the beat that spawns
The way we freak it and we kick up a storm
The day we turn to pop the show will stop
So feel the beat and get lost now

Back to part 2 the hard way we play
Sublime on time to all the fans Iím sa
And if you donít know I say check the show
Do what you got to on the dance flo
Some say the style is wack but I say fuck that

Get the hell back and watch us rock the set
We cast the mold bust it cold explode
Megatrendsetters known around the globe
Friends takiní you where you never been
We done what we wanted craftiní poems
You can rock there is a glow around you
Lose control holmes just like we do
Hard to obtain brothaí whatís my name
Mad to find unlike ya mamma and your masquerade
I drive a mach-1 no dashboard jesus
I hear voices say thatís doug martinez

Youíre all up in my mix like fuckiní betty crocker
You think youíre playing me but actually youíre a jocker
You bad mouth me bitch man you givin me juice
It ainít nothiní but a party everybody get loose
Notice what I donít do when stress steps to me
Whatever your complaint so sue me
I say fuck the naysayers and keep goin
Gotta do what I gotta do to get the people glowiní
So let everybody gather the more the better
I represent the traveler him heís a shredder

At ease with yourself and donít try to please me
Iím just here today then quickly Iím out
On the town one light Iím a glow worm
For several hours wiggle jiggle like Iím a huge sperm
Canít appreciate a brothers love of funky music
You think Iím a silly rabbit ícuz my style has tricks
Of the way I feel now I just got to rock
The music be poppin through me like electric shocks
I think and blink and I wink but that shits not tiny
ícuz in a blink of an eyelash you will not find me

Youíre the back of the pack and the bottom of the stack
Thatís what you get when youíre steady talkiní shit
Not goiní for self that shit is on the shelf
ícuz itís 95 and we go for the hive

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