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Brothers (Feat. Tobias Sammet & Sascha Paeth)

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All I see is wasted land
They brought us here to fight the enemy
My blood is running through the sand
My life is slowly fading away

Tobias Sammet:
Brother, where are you now?
Through the distance I barely see my hands
Oh mother, they broke their vow
I don't think we will come back home again

Time is running out
And no one saves me from my fears
And they're crying out load
I feel the end is coming near

Where was my helping hand?
Do we have to face our destiny
I promise to take care of you
But now my body is torn and numb and cold

Tobias Sammet:
Lost in this battlefield
Yes all they ever told us was a lie
I'm hiding from the fallen bombs
The sirens howling, I'm afraid you'd die

Time is running out
And no one saves me from my fears
And oh I'm crying out load
I can feel the end is coming near
It's coming near

Tobias Sammet:
Coming near

Oh, it's coming near
It's coming near

Oh, will they forgive me for all that I've done
How will they?

Tobias Sammet:
Oh brother
Don't turn and leave me
I'm not left alone
Oh brother,
Now that I found you, I promise to bring you home

Oh please bring me home

Tobias Sammet:
Yes I will bring you back home

Oh, coming home

Tobias Sammet:
Coming home

Yes we're coming home

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