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Unhappy Together, Unhappy Alone

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It all starts to make sense
when it all comes crashing down,
but you tell me to keep my head high,
high above the clouds.
How am I supposed to think straight without you around,
but when you're close I don't want you near
in case you find out.

You're constantly torn between
being unhappy together or unhappy alone,
although you'd never admit it to their face
sometimes alone seems like a better place.

I never wanna be alone.
I never wanted you to know.
I'm afraid that you might find another,
spend your time on something better.
I'm never gonna let it go.
Will I ever find a home?
A place to lay my tired body,
somewhere I can call my own.

We've all been there before
or you're there right now,
when it looks like there's no way out
and your mind is full of doubt.
Are you abused? Are you not loved?
Are you taken advantage of?
You've tried to fix it before,
but now you're just wasting your love.

So when it all comes crashing down,
keep your head high above the clouds

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